Bellrock Acquisitions Assisted by Beyond the Deal


Bellrock Acquisitions Assisted by Beyond the Deal


Bellrock – “the leading light in facilities management and property services” – have recently completed a series of acquisitions, ably assisted by Beyond the Deal’s input and comprehensive end to end toolkit.

David Smith, CEO of Bellrock, said:

Beyond the Deal injected a sense of pace and professionalism to our latest platform deal, bringing every “T shirt” needed to give us confidence that both the bid analysis and the post-deal implementation have been set up for success.

They have an end to end toolkit to ensure that no element of pre-deal analysis or post-deal implementation were left unvisited. From the obvious elements like business case, to a comprehensive set of day one checklists, the Beyond the Deal team seamlessly complemented the capabilities already at play inside Bellrock.

There is no doubt that our latest platform deal would not have happened with the same pace and professionalism without Beyond the Deal. I would use them again in an instant.

You can read more about Bellrock and their latest series of acquisitions here.

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